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3 Simple Tools 
to Help You Thrive

Are the little things in life making you feel stressed?
Looking to make changes but not sure where to begin?
Want to improve your relationships with those most important to you?

Each of us is made up of the mind, body, and spirit. Each are intrinsically connected, balancing the needs of these parts of us can sometimes be challenging and often confusing, finding the right combination brings us optimal health and a more fulfilled life. I offer a holistic approach to healing and well being practices, helping you to connect these important elements to create the result you are looking for.

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My Coaching Services


Meditation by the sea

Discover a simply practice of observing the mind that suits your lifestyle, that you can take wherever you go, to increase your mental clarity and provide stress relief whenever you need it.

Neuro-Linguistic Psychology


Neuro-Linguistic Psychology helping us make sense of the colourful language of the mind, to assist us to understand the verbal and non-verbal communication with ourselves and others, a gentle method to shift our understanding so we can become our best selves and create more effective relationships with others.

Usui Reiki


Reiki meaning 'Universal Life Energy' is a simple, natural and safe technique from Japan for stress reduction and relaxation that, promotes healing of the body and mind.

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I'm passionate about sharing the knowledge and many techniques I have collected over the years, to provide a nurturing environment to help individuals discover greater self awareness, when realising their goals and desires, that will bring long lasting transformation in all areas of their life.


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