I believe the greatest way to change the world is to change ourselves.

Each of us is made up of the mind, body, and spirit. Which seem to be intrinsically connected. I have discovered in order to feel fully alive these three parts require attention and development, I have spent time attempting to understand myself and with the help of much loved mentors and a lot of books.

I have discovered immersing my mind and body to the teachings and practices from times long past has given me greater insight into my own spirit and bring about a sense of wonderment each day. I have made meditation, Reiki and N.L.P part of my daily life. And always open to meeting new people who share the same curiosity and vibrancy for life.

Inspired by my hesitance to speak publicly about my many interests and my reluctance to write my true feelings about life and the world around me. I am hoping that this will become an outlet for these thoughts and the things that I continue to learn. 


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A simple practice of observing the mind, that you can take wherever you go, to increase mental clarity and provide much needed stress relief.

Neuro-Linguistic Psychology

Neuro-Linguistic Psychology helping us make sense of the colourful language of the mind, to assist us to understand the verbal and non-verbal communication with ourselves and others, it's a gentle method to shift our understanding so we can become our best selves and create more effective relationships with others.

Usui Reiki

Reiki meaning 'Universal Life Energy' is a simple, natural and safe technique from Japan for stress reduction and relaxation that, promotes healing of the body and mind.


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